You are keeping seniors safe and happy image

You are keeping seniors safe and happy

With You, We Can!


Your Commitment Is Critical

With You, We Can!

Your financial support is so important and appreciated by our seniors. Because of you, JAA’s caring communities are able to provide much-needed health services to our residents. Your gift also brings food to those who cannot prepare it themselves, home healthcare to those aging in place, and physical therapy to help with rehabilitation when and where it is needed. We depend on your help. Together, we can face the challenges of keeping seniors safe, healthy, and happy.

Why Give?

Your contribution provides individualized care for our community's seniors and helps them stay active and engaged, visit with their loved ones, share meals together, enjoy activities, and discover their new normal following the pandemic.

Why Now?

With you, we enable our seniors to live and thrive in a comfortable, safe, and peaceful environment. Without you, this is exceedingly more difficult.

With you, the next invisible adversary may not get in the door. Without you, it could.

With you, we continue to honor, dignify, and respect seniors who deserve nothing less.

Can we count on you?

How to Stay Connected

To learn more, call Donna in our development department at 412 586-3264 or email

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