Don't let Ruth be forgotten. image

Don't let Ruth be forgotten.

Because you are here for JAA, we are here for you.

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"Do not cast us away in old age. When our strength gives out, do not forsake us."

During Yom Kippur, we recite these words from Psalm 71 many times to affirm our commitment to our aging community.

What does The Jewish Association on Aging (JAA) mean to you?

Has your life been touched by JAA through your grandparents, parents, a sibling, or friend? Perhaps you came to us to heal yourself?

Without exception, everyone has to deal with growing older. As you age, having people on whom you can depend is imperative. It is also necessary to surround yourself with the things and traditions you value most.

I get to be myself here. I'm with people who are kind and caring ...
who look after my health and safety, by the rabbi who often visits
with me ... and I get to make art that brings me so much joy.

This was Ruth's response when asked by her daughter Ellen,
"Why are you so much happier now that you are at JAA's AHAVA Memory Care Center?"

Because you are here for JAA, we are here for you.

It is humbling to care for the generations who have given a lifetime to caring for us. A thriving Jewish community enables its members to observe their traditions, to worship as they please, and to assure our Jewish continuity and heritage. Your appreciation of these values and your commitment to JAA help to preserve the dignity of those we serve.

We cannot let Ruth be forgotten.
With your help, we unite to fulfill our mission,
so stories like Ruth's survive.

Do you want to have access to a 5-Star-Rated skilled nursing residence and home healthcare
provider* who share your beliefs and culture in a place where you feel safe. welcomed. and warm?

Do you feel comforted by Sivitz Hospice, a JAA service that consistently exceeds national quality
ratings,* reaffirming your spiritual traditions during life's most profound passage?

Will you pledge that there will always be a Jewish environment (a Seder, a Sukkah. the sound of the
Shofar) for those who desire Jewish traditions as they age?

Is it meaningful to you that our JAA is inclusive. healing. and secure for those of other religions,
races, and cultures who share your values?

Your donations support less than 25% of the $4 million in free care and services we provide
every year. While your generosity assists our seniors who have lost their ability to pay, as our aging
population grows. so too does the need for these funds.

You are crucial to JAA's success as the only Jewish senior healthcare network in Pittsburgh.
Your support insures JAA will remain a vital continuing care community for years to come.

Take part in shaping your vision of aging and commit to JAA today.

With you, we can. Without you, we cannot.

Remember, Ruth's is a story many of our residents share. It is one of identity,
of experiencing diversity, and of feeling relevant.

Help Ruth and others like her never to feel forsaken or cast away.


Deborah Winn-Horvitz

President and CEO
The Jewish Association on Aging

*Ratings for quality come from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Stop by JAA's art exhibition at 200 JHF Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, to see Ruth's paintings and other work by JAA
members living with dementia. The gallery promotes Opening Minds through Art, a Scripps intergenerational art
program at JAA made possible through support from the Association of Jewish Aging Services, The Sylvia and Martin
Snow Family Fund, The Perry and Bee Jee Morrison Music & Arts Endowment, and Howard and Caren Sniderman.

Learn more about Ruth's inspiration as a watercolor artist at